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Engineering services

Industrial design
Creating a three-dimensional shape of the product with regard to its features and content.

Product development
Design of housing, structural, mechanisms, with regard to manufacturing technology, optimization of endurance and additional features.

Stress analysis by FEM
Answers to difficult questions. Will it break? Why it has deformed permanently?

Strain analysis by FEM
More difficult questions. Does given elastic part under stress deform into shape that collides with mechanism?

Another difficult question. It should have been spinning so why it swinged only?

Mechanics and mechatronics problem solving
We help to cope with problems of technology world.


Additive manufacturing of flexible products
Single piece and batch manufacturing of product made of elastomers: TPU i TPC. Hardness range 20 - 75 Shore D. In some cases products' working temperatures are up to 170°C.

3D print from engineering grade materials
We make single piece and short series of products from advanced engineering materials including polycarbonate (PC) and polyamide-carbon (PA-CF) composite withstanding up to 215°C.

Consumer products
We produce small gadgets under our own slick&handy™ brand. We sell them in three retail channels: - our online store,

allegro - our offer on polish local marketplace,

• etsy - our offer on international marketplace.

Design Engineer consultant at your service

Our specialty is mechanical design. From electronic casings up to military grade servodrives with manual override. Unusual openwork frames easy to produce but sophisticated enough to amaze your clients. Plastic components and assemblies modeled with 3d free-form surfaces, built from the bottom up with injection molding technology in mind and designed to show elegance. Finite Elements Analysis and FEM optimized shape to best exploit available materials.

We can exploit to the maximum such technologies like machining, turning - both CNC and traditional, laser cutting, water jet, rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technologies known as 3d printing.

Basic knowledge of electrical and electronics engineering allows us to make good contact with your electrical and electronics designers.

We make drawings, geometry files for cnc workshops, renderings, product photos and drawings for marketing.

Mainly we use Solidworks software.



Exofin Folding Fins

Exofin Folding FinsMedal for Exofin Folding FinsFor the Exofin Sp. z o.o., Gdynia, we've designed skeleton for their folding fins. Exofin has created and patented whole new concept for diving fins. This innovative product revolutionizes diving, especially by special forces. At MSPO Kielce (The International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Poland) which took place in the early September 2014, Exofin's folding fins were awarded with Targi Kielce Special Medal. We're proud we could help the Exofin in achieving such a success.

Ensolver’s owner (Miroslaw Baszun, hereinafter MB) as the principle mechanical design engineer at AREX Sp. z o.o., Poland, had oportunity to contribute to polish defence industry. Below is a bunch of examples.

Electromechanical components for modernized 23mm anti aircraft artillery ZUR-23-2KG and its modification ZUR-23-2KGI.

The task included servomotors adaptation, mechanical design of operating panel (also graphics design), modular system of casings for fast exchange faulty units, and very successful military grade joystick used later in most of defense projects. For that joystick MB created tools for manufacturing complicated silicon rubber cover using quite simple mold without need of injection molding press, what made whole process very cheap at low scale production.

Servo-driven platform for missile launcher for Self-Propelled Artillery and Missile System ZSU-23-4MP Biała (modernized ZSU-23-4 Shilka).

You can watch entire product at the video below:

Electromechanical equipment for remote weapon station ZSMU-1276.

In this case MB’s work included design of servomechanisms, extended multitrack rotating joint and casing for electronics.

PUL-04 Control Panel.

MB’s works included design of housing, graphics design, design of water-proof and low temperature capable buttons as well as the technology for manufacturing them. Panel complies with military grade EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) requirement, as well as other military requirements. This control panel is widely used in other military projects.

Electromechanical equipment for 12,7mm weapon turret for PZL W-3 Gluszec.

That task included magnetically shielded servomechanisms and casings for electronics.

Electromechanical equipment for 120mm automated mortar RAK.

MB’s work included design of the turret’s electro-drives, automatic ammo magazine, all drives for ammo delivery system and targeting sight (precise driven platform for electro-optical systems). Most of electro-drives have manual override, ammo magazine contain lightweight openwork frame. The sight has completely backlash-compensated mechanism. Other engineers under MB’s command created all modular electronics casings.

You can watch entire product at the video below:


FEM_CTOOur designs often require precise stress analysis for complex shape. Such problems we solve using Finite Element Method. Using proper software we can optimize designed mechanical components and structure or just check obtained factor of safety. Super light openwork frame, a gear's non-typical bushing or integrated into structure plastic spring with "programmed" deformation are impossible or extremely hard to calculate using legacy methods. FEM makes it possible.

We also make FEM analysis for our clients, such as a ship's propeller's blade fixing evaluation for CTO Gdansk.


For Medicalgorithmics S.A., Poland, we've designed plastic housings for their medical products. We developed plastic parts based on our industrial design as well as on the basis on customer’s delivered design of shape. Some parts we’ve optimized using FEM and we provided close support for toolmakers workshop.

Our latest product is the Pocket ECG.


Many of our designs required creating plastic components. That included electronic casings, helical cable rails, elastomer protectors for mechanisms running at very low temperatures, insulators, vibro-isolators, waterproof buttons, gaskets, and multitrack gas valve/separator for chemical analyser. We developed parts designated for mass production injection molding, short run and yet economical injection molding, machining and Selective Laser Sintering. We utilized such materials like PEI, polycarbonate, polyamide, POM, ABS, PP, teflon, silicone rubber and different composites.


Ensolver designs and manufactures specialized production equipment for the manufacture of small devices, mainly electronic, such as testers, mounting brackets, fixtures etc. The complicated shape, custom solutions, high precision and durability even in case of one off production is our mission.


About me


My name is Mirosław Baszun (pron.: Meerosuav Bashoon). I live and work in Gdynia, Poland. I am a business owner of Ensolver.

My work experience comes from 26 years of designing mechanics for industrial automation, medical equipment and first of all - defence. I've been a draftsman, designer, team leader, principle design engineer. Now I'm an entrepreneur, making my own way into industry. Non-standard projects is what I am not afraid of. Challenges are what drives me. Others says: "it's impossible", then I show: "it works".

Privately I'm a husband and father. My credo in life is making my words fully worth their importance.